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Ethiopia Sidamo- ripe fermented fruit tones$11.22
Rwanda AA - this coffee has a taste right between the Kenya and and Tanzania acidities. Strong wine finish.$11.22
Espresso 101 - A Central and South American blend that is not overly roasted.$11.22
Kitchen Sink Blend - Central's own uniquely different blend of coffees. Always different. Always fresh.$11.22
Campfire Blend - Heavy Smokey mix on top of the Espresso Blend$11.22
Brazil - lively nutty flavors and medium body$11.22
Costa Rica - rich nutty tones and light body$11.22
El Salvador - Medium bodied nutty coffee with a slightly sharp finish$11.22
Mexico Natural - light toasty nuttiness and body$11.22
Peru - strong bakers chocolate flavor with strong body$11.22
Indian Monsooned Malabar - rich roast flavor and heavy earthy body$11.22
Java - full dark smoke flavor, but smoother and softer than Sumatra$11.22
Papua New Guinea- very subtle smoke flavor and deep caramel flavor full body$11.22
Sumatra - strong smoke characteristics and smooth full body$11.22
Brasil - lighter nutty flavors, mildly bright acidity$12.22

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