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NEW!! Monthly Delivery12oz.
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Ethiopia Natural Sidamo FT G4 - deep fruity tones with full acidity$11.99
Rwanda PB Womens Coffee Extension “Kawa Yacu” - fruit and citrus acidity with brown sugar sweetness$11.99
Tanzania PB Northern Plus - bright with caramel acidity and smooth body$11.99
Espresso 101 - A Central and South American blend that is not dark roast (relatively speaking).$11.99
Campfire Blend - Heavy Smokey mix on top of the Espresso Blend$11.99
Kitchen Sink Blend - Central's own uniquely different blend of coffees. Always different. Always fresh.$11.99
Mocca Java - full blend of East Indies and African coffees$11.99
Brazil Natural Legender Especial 17/18 - lively dark chocolate and toasty flavors$11.99
Colombia Colombia Huila Algeciras-Excelso EP - sweet nuttiness and sharp finish$11.99
Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu La Pastora- bright nutty tones and sharp body$11.99
Guatemala SHB Lake Atitlan Finca Santo Tomas- medium nutty and brown sugar flavors$11.99
Honduras COMSA Marcala SHG Fair Trade - Mild chocolate and nutty character$11.99
Peru La Florida SMBC Fair Trade - strong bakers chocolate flavor and strong body$11.99
India Monsoon Malabar AA - very smooth, aged bean with earthy tones$11.99
Java Taman Dadar RFA Wet Hulled- full dark smoke flavor, earthy body$11.99
Papua New Guinea Highlands Goroka- very subtle smoke flavor and deep caramel flavor smooth lighter body$11.99
Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade- strong smoke characteristics and smooth full body$11.99
Sulawesi Toraja "Sapan Minanga" GR1 - smoky with and mild fruity tones, smooth body$11.99
Brasil Swiss Water Process- toasty nutty flavors, mildly bright acidity$12.75
Colombia Mountain Water Process- lighter nutty tones$12.75

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