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Welcome! You have discovered a roastery dedicated to bringing you the best in gourmet coffee. Here we take pride and care in the promotion of the history, quality, production and consumption of the world's greatest drink. Central Coffee is a family run roastery settled in the Blue Ridge Mts. Out here, with clear blue skies and inspiring views, we find it easy to craft a truly excellent brew. We invite you to explore our site, check out our varietals and get the most out of your coffee experience.

We place a high priority on selling fresh roasted coffee to our customers. We vacuum package the beans directly from the roaster into our foil lined valve bags. Our roast date displays the freshness. We believe Fresh Roast is the only way to truly enjoy the satisfying flavor of superior Arabica coffee.
We have coffee beans from all over the world, each roasted to their peak flavor. For most this means a high to full city roast which has a dark, chocolate brown color. The full city roast brings the oils just to the surface, waiting to release all the flavor upon brewing. Some beans, like the Papua New Guinea and Sumatra, should roast a little darker to develop body and distinct characteristics. Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil, however, are removed earlier to keep their brighter qualities. Keep this in mind as you browse through our selections and embark on a journey into the delectable realm of coffee.

Below are the links to our different coffees. Please note the varieties availability may change. You can follow the links and explore the world of specialty coffee, such as the SCAA, TransFair USA, Coffee Kids and The Smithsonian. Be sure to check out the rest of our friends and family links, too. So take a look around and let us know how things are.

All packages are sent USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days. If you'd like to place an order OR CALL TOLL FREE: 1-877-594-1006 Or if you live in Rappahannock call: 987-1006

Come on out to our sampling bar and try it with biscotti! Fri-Sun 10-5pm

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