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Central Coffee Roasters is a family run business located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Our select green coffee beans arrive from plantations and co-operatives throughout the mountains and rain forests in the coffee growing belt of the world.

Because we are a micro roaster, we value the earnest hardworking farmers from whom we buy our raw product. We believe that their dedicated stewardship produces the highest quality beans for our roasts. We know they grow with a conscience for the world we live in. We also believe we are, in our small way, doing our part to help improve their living and working conditions. We share knowledge with our coffee customers about the growing and cleaning methods used by the farmers and small co-operative processing facilities. We are a little part of a big picture, as are our farming partners, our coffee brokers and resourcers. We know that our coffee is grown well and roasted with care and thought, and that you, the consumer will reap those benefits in every bag of coffee that you buy and use.

Coffee is an extraordinary beverage to be had all over the world. Many times it represents hospitality and a sense of welcoming. Coffee has a rich history behind its changes through cultures and styles. In its early days of Ethiopia and Yemen, the seeds were used as food and the cherries were used for a drink, qishr. Turkish coffee requires the coffee to be ground into a fine powder and brought to a boil several times in a long small copper pot, or ibrik, making a thick syrupy drink. While Italians drink coffee, or espresso, all throughout the day, France had coffee houses all over with over 3000 in Paris by 1800. Germany, Austria and Cuba all share sweetened versions with condensed milk or whipped cream. Other areas add spices such as cinnamon, cardamom or cloves.

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All packages are sent USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days. If you'd like to place an order OR CALL TOLL FREE: 1-877-594-1006 Or if you live in Rappahannock call: 987-1006

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